The luxury serviced apartment for rent in Phu Nhuan District

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    Location: Le Van Sy Street

    The luxury serviced apartment for rent in hcmc is nearby district 3, just 10 minutes to air-port, and 17 minutes drives to center of district 1.

    The serviced apartment for rent in Phu Nhuan District is equipped with fully brand-new and nice furniture. The apartment features a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom.

    Spacious and lovely living room, wooden floor, an inviting living room with dining, fully accessorized kitchen, stylish décor bedroom, beautifully designer bathroom, with shower


    Nearby establishments also include shops, entertainment and nightlife of the city.

    • 17 mintues to Ben Thanh Market ( city center) by car or motorbike.
    • 5 mintues to Maximark super market & Big C super market
    • Step out from the tranquillity of your serviced apartment and you are moments away from an abundance of cafes, bistros, brasseries and fashion shops.
    The rental price is 450USD per month ( equivalent 9,900,000 VND)


    Including : Water, internet, gas for cooking, cable TV, cleaning serviced (three times per week), linen changing (1 time per week)

    Excluding : Tax, electricity, telephone fee, laundry & ironing , drinking water

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