Rao Vặt Hung Thinh Corporation is company selling real estate for foreigners That is your wise choice

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    Hung Thinh Real Estate is company Introduce cheap real estate for foreigners A lot of foreigners buy here

    You are a working foreigner in Vietnam who is looking for housing, apartment in ho chi minh or land. Please contact our company Or You want invest in Vietnam real estate market . Hung Thinh Real Estate Group Is one of the big and reputable corporations in Vietnam. Specializes in investment and construction of real estate products, valuable land and high profit. At Propertyx Real estate I am a consultant about Real estate consulting for foreigners


    Currently #Hung_Thinh_Group is selling 14 projects of #Real_estate_Project (# exchanges_propertyX_district_10)

    Apartment #lavita_charm_Thu_Duc

    Apartment #Sai_from_Mystery_villa_District_2

    Apartment #Q7_Sai_gon__riverside_q7_District_7

    Apartment #Sai_gon_Mia_Resident_area_Trung_Son_District_Binh_Chanh

    Apartment #Moon_light_park_view_District_Binh_Tan

    Apartment #Moon_light_Boulevard_An_Lac_Binh_Tan

    Apartment #Moon_light_Residences_Dang_Van_Bi_Street_Thu_Duc_District

    Apartment #Rich_mond_city_Nguyen_Xi_street_Binh_Thanh_District

    Land #Bien_hoa_new_city

    Land #Ba_Ria_city_gate

    Land #Para_draco_cam_ranh

    Land #Golden_bay_602_cam_ranh

    Land #Sentosa_villa_mũi_né_phan_thiet

    Land #Cam_ranh_mystery_Villas


    Committed to selling at the right market price, even cheaper

    Supporting bank loans with preferential interest rates

    Highest discount

    Buy directly at investor Hung Thinh Real Estate without intermediaries (Other brokers)

    Free legal advice and support

    Always have surprise gifts for customers after buying a house.

    Real estate consulting for foreigners contact with me please 0708 999 719

    Contact us for advice and quotation, get the project catalog at


    Nguyen Chi Thanh Real exchanges

    526 Nguyen Chi Thanh P.7, Q.10

    Hotline: 0912 75 20 75 - 0708 999. 719 Mr. Loc

    Website: hungthinhcorp.com.vn qcbds.co

    Sorry if this content is bothering customers


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    Real Estate Hung Thinh is company selling cheap real estate to foreigners contact now because the price is very cheap